While there is no greater benefit than knowing that you are providing a student- athlete with the resources to further their education while pursuing his or her athletic dreams, Yosef Club members do receive tangible benefits as well. Some of these benefits include access to the Yosef Hospitality Clubroom and an invitation to attend a special social event as guests of Chancellor and Mrs. Kenneth E. Peacock. For a full list of benefits, refer to the chart.

The Yosef Club Hospitality Room
Yosef Club members at the Chancellor’s level and above are invited to enjoy refreshments and festivities before home football games and select home basketball games. Members are issued hospitality passes for admission, and may bring 2 guests per membership card. At football games, the Yosef Club Hospitality Room is located in the Quinn Center next to Kidd Brewer Stadium. There refreshments will be served 2.5 hours prior to the game until 45 minutes prior to kickoff. At basketball games, the Yosef Club Hospitality Room is located on the court behind the basket on a raised platform. Chancellor’s level and above members may enter the Holmes Convocation Center at the “Media Entrance” located between the NW and SW entrances with a ticket and Yosef Club Hospitality Room club card or may enter the building at a normal entrance and walk down to the hospitality room entrance.

Chancellor’s Event
Yosef Club members at the Old Mountain Jug level and above will receive an invitation in the fall to attend a special social event with the Chancellor after a selected home game contest.

* Please note that the Yosef Club reserves the right to modify member benefits at any time to best serve its members, the university and Appalachian Athletics. Your contribution to the Yosef Club is tax deductible as permitted by law. Please consult your tax advisor for specific details.


In order to receive game day parking, Yosef Club members are required to be season ticket holders. Half season ticket holders are eligible for parking, but will only have parking privileges for the three games that they purchased through the half-season package. Post-season parking for half-season ticket holders will be made available in a festival parking deck, per request.


Football Parking
Yosef Club Members, who are season ticket holders, are eligible for football game parking benefits. Parking spaces will be determined by your annual donation to the Yosef Club. Within your giving level, your personal point rank will determine your numbered space.
Parking assignments for the highest annual giving level start in the Stadium lot. Yosef Preferred Parking lots with numbered spaces are as follows and are highlighted on the adjoining color-coded map: Stadium, Justice, Duncan, Raley, Greenwood and University Drive lots.

Festival Parking lots are as follows and are highlighted on the adjoining color-coded map: Rivers Street Parking Deck and Library Parking Deck. Your assigned parking lot is determined by the total number of donors at each annual giving level. Priority for the Rivers Street Parking Deck will be given to donors at the $500 level and above while $250 level members will be assigned to the Library Parking Deck.

Basketball Parking
Festival parking for basketball season is located in the Holmes and John E. Thomas lots. Parking passes are issued to Yosef Club members at the Chancellor’s level and above ($1,000+) who are also season ticket holders. Non- season ticket holders who are members of the Yosef Club at the $1,000 level may contact the Yosef Club for an individual game parking pass based on availability
(two per season limit).

For more information, please contact the Office of Athletic Development at 828-262-3108.



All gifts made to Appalachian Athletics and the Yosef Club will support student-athlete scholarships, athletic facility enhancements and other programmatic needs.