Appalachian State University Athletics


Charitable Donation Request:

Appalachian State Athletics receives several hundred request for memorabilia, merchandise, and autographs from organizations each year. We make every effort to accommodate as many request as possible that is permissible under NCAA rules. Appalachian State Athletics CANNOT assist in obtaining memorabilia. The requesting organization MUST PROVIDE any equipment to be autographed (ball, helmet, bat, etc).

Request related to the following are ineligible to receive donation:

- Due to NCAA regulations, we are unable to fulfill request that would benefit students in grades 9-12. Proceeds or actual item may NOT be provided to a high school, preparatory school or 2-year college for any reason. This includes any elementary and middle school that are financially tied and/or associated with a high school.

- Requests for operating expense and other monetary donations

- Individuals or individual pursuits, fraternal, veteran, labor, or political groups.

- Business award and incentive programs (for profit).  

Donation Request Guidelines:

In order for your organization to be considered for a donation item, you MUST comply with the guidelines below.

- All request must be in line with the NCAA regulations.

- All request must be submitted at least TWO WEEKS prior to the date for which the donation is needed, NO EXCEPTIONS.

- If the item is to be sold or raffled in a fundraising event, a flyer, invitation or memo describing the event must be included with the donation form.

- Due to the number for request we receive, we have limited number of tickets available for donation opportunities. We ask that only one request per organization/person to be made.

-  If requesting an autographed piece of equipment, upon approval of request, the requester must provide item (ball, helmet, bat, etc).

           “Please note that all equipment/ apparel purchased by the ASU Department of Athletics becomes property of the State of North Carolina and therefore cannot be 'donated' to any organization.”

- Fully completed form based on your request. Ticket Donation Form or Autograph Request Form

- Experience Packages are for internal use only.

Application Process:  

Please return either form completed in its entirety to Incomplete forms or guidelines will not be considered. Please allow at least two weeks for the request to be processed. Due to the large number of request, please refrain from multiply submissions or follows.  All decisions made by Appalachian State Athletic Department are final. 

Requests for Posters & Schedule Cards

Team posters and schedule cards are produced by the Appalachian State athletics department prior to the beginning of each season. These items are available to all fans free of charge, while supplies last.  They are available inside the Appalachian Athletics Center and the Appalachian State ticket office at the Holmes Convocation Center.

Request for Cheerleader or Yosef Appearance

Thank you for your interest in requesting Appalachian State cheerleaders and/or Yosef for your upcoming event.  For the convenience of all parties involved, we ask that all appearance requests be made two (2) weeks prior to the event to allow for adequate planning and scheduling.  Our staff will do their very best to make arrangements, but a completed request form does not guarantee an appearance.  Once we have your request form, you will receive confirmation of the appearance via telephone or email.  We will also contact you should there be a conflict with this appearance request.

Below is the fee schedule associated with the appearance request.  The money collected from these appearances help to reimburse the students fulfilling the appearances, and helps to fund the cheerleading and mascot squads.Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact App State cheerleading coach Morgan Roberson (

General Public

-   $100 for a maximum appearance for 2 hours

-    Mileage reimbursement required for events outside of Watauga County

Non – Profit or University Organizations

-   $50 for a maximum appearance for 2 hours

-    Mileage reimbursement required for events outside of Watauga County

Please click the Cheerleader & Yosef Request Form below to complete your
online request for a donation.

Cheerleader & Yosef Request Form (.pdf)

Request for Student-Athlete or Staff Appearance

Each year, the Appalachian State athletics department is asked to support many worthwhile causes and events. Every effort is made to accommodate these requests when possible. However, due to the number of requests, which we receive, this is not always possible.

The Appalachian State compliance office in accordance with NCAA regulations regulates appearances by student-athletes. Sensitivity is given to student-athlete academic, training and nutrition schedules. 

Appearances by coaching staff members are regulated by the Appalachian State compliance office in coordination with the director of athletics.  Sensitivity is given to coaches' practice, competition and training schedules. In addition, coaching staff members are precluded from appearing in any commercials and promotional activities unless approved by the director of athletics.

To request a student-athlete/coach/staff appearance, please complete the Appearance Request Form, which can be found below.

Once completed, please submit this form in one of the two methods detailed at the top of the Appearance Request Form.  All requests must be submitted no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event for which the request is being made.  Upon review, the contact for the organization listed on the Appearance Request Form will be notified as to the status of the request.

Appearance Request Form (.pdf)

***Please Note: Due to the amount of requests received, submitting a request for donation and/or appearance does not guarantee that your request will be approved, even if all guidelines are met.