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Katie Mallow checks in with appstatesports.com after earning her master's degree over the weekend.
Courtesy: Dave Mayo (Appalachian, '83)
Katie Mallow Checks in With Appstatesports.com
Courtesy: Appalachian State Sports Information
Release: Monday 05/15/2017 (ET)
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BOONE, N.C. - Former Appalachian State University women's basketball standout Katie Mallow checks in with appstatesports.com after earning her master's degree from App State over the weekend.

Mallow is ranked eighth all-time in program history with 128 3-pointers for her career and over 850 points.

1.) Since graduating in 2014-15, what have you been up to over the past couple of years?

Well, the first year and a half I stayed in Boone and started my master's classes in the summer of 2015. I also continued with women's basketball as their graduate assistant that summer and I loved being a part of the program in a different role.

2.) What was your master's degree in?

Masters in Professional School Counseling.

3.) You've been interning at Watauga right? What department have you been working in and what are your responsibilities?

This spring, I interned at Watauga High School in the student services department. I worked with all the counselors and the school social worker. My primary responsibility was seeing a caseload of individual students weekly that have been self-referred or referred by a teacher. I also formed a girls group and did group therapy once a week along with assisting on some classroom guidance. I enjoyed getting to be involved in the school, getting to know students and staff and getting to observe and learn from the counselors in a professional setting.

4.) You helped with the team during your first year after graduation and the fall semester, and you also helped with a 7th-grade team. Is coaching a goal that you have after graduating?

Yes, I did. I loved getting to see the other side of college basketball from the coaches standpoint. I also was the head coach for two different teams for the Watauga Warriors. A 7th-grade team (which our season is over now) and a 9-10th-grade team (still playing). I love coaching, and I would like to continue that in my future. I can see myself working and coaching at the high school level if the opportunities present themselves.

5.) How did App State women's basketball prepare you for two more years of school and life after playing organized ball?

Playing college ball has taught me so many different lessons, but the thing I see impacting me the most is the perspective it gave me. It has allowed me to view my situations and others situations with a wider lens. I honestly felt like a part of me was missing when I stopped playing basketball. I realized I had to find a way to look at life and my current situations as a daily challenge instead of just preparing for the next "big game." I try to approach adversity with a positive mindset and take on challenges one day at a time. I do not always know what the end result is going to be or how I am going to get there. I am learning to look at situations from what is within my circle of control and then act based upon what I can do to impact those situations.

6.) Since graduating, how has the game changed in your eyes?

I don't feel like the game has changed a whole lot since I left. They're so many young, talented players in the game, and I enjoy watching. I still have a major itch to be on the floor. When I step into a gym, it is hard for me to just watch without wanting to lace up myself. I am glad that I still love the game and jump at every chance to play.

7.) If you do want to coach, and had to pick one level of coaching (junior high, high school, college, pro), what would you choose and why?

I really do want to coach, and I am open to all age ranges as long as I continue to have basketball in my life. I love the high school age range of athletes. I can see myself working well with this level of talent and commitment. I feel that the players are very malleable and as a coach, you can really witness so much development in this age range.

8.) Do you still keep in touch with your college teammates?

Yes, I sure do. I am looking forward to seeing many of them this summer. I don't think that you can replicate the type of bond you have with teammates and I am so lucky to have had some great ones.

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