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Courtesy: Appalachian State Athletics
Courtesy: Appalachian State Sports Information
Release: Monday 12/05/2016 (ET)
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Each month, Appalachian State fans and supporters can reach out to Director of Athletics Doug Gillin with questions regarding Appalachian State Athletics. Fans can reach out via email at AskTheAD@appstate.edu.


Q: How did the bowl selection process unfold this year?

We’re very excited to be in the Camellia Bowl and our pairing with Toledo, two 9-3 teams, is one of the best Group of Five match-ups in the bowl schedule. The Camelia Bowl has a great television time slot for national coverage on ESPN. The SunBelt currently has five bowl tie-ins; New Orleans, Dollar General, Camelia, Cure and Tuscon. The SunBelt bowls pick their teams in that order.  They do not pick the conference champion, then second place finisher, etc.... This year the two conference co-champions are in the Camelia Bowl and Cure Bowl respectively. The individual bowls all have their own criteria for the teams they pick.  Some examples of bowl criteria for an individual bowl may be, geography, potential ticket sales, game match-ups, and television appeal.   As an example, Louisiana is going to be a popular pick in New Orleans, because of proximity and ticket sales.  New Orleans picked ULL first, then Dollar General picked Troy. The Camellia Bowl picks third and wanted App State because of the overwhelming fan support a season ago and we’re a proven draw on ESPN.  We will continue to work with our conference leadership and bowl partners to provide the best opportunities for our student-athletes and fans. Let’s make the Cramton Bowl “Kidd Brewer West” much like it was for last year’s thriller.   

Q: Bowl payouts are very different depending upon the bowl. Why did App State get a smaller payout despite winning the conference?

AD: The bowl payouts in the Sun Belt Conference are not specific to each school, but rather pooled at the conference level and then redistributed to member institutions. Each bowl has a different financial model with the SunBelt Conference. Appalachian does not generate less revenue for our program based on the reported payout of the Camelia Bowl verse other bowls that may have a larger payout.  Where we can positively impact our revenue is by selling tickets to the bowl game. Last year we were able to provide more opportunities for our student-athletes based on the large number of tickets we sold to the Camelia Bowl.  

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