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Brannon & Jennifer Leonard
Courtesy: Appalachian State Athletics
Featured Yosef Club Members of the Month
Courtesy: Appalachian State Sports Information
Release: Tuesday 06/14/2016 (ET)
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Brannon & Jennifer Leonard

1) Are you alumni of Appalachian State University? If so what year did you graduate?

"Yes – Brannon (1993), Jennifer (1994), Reece (2033)"

2) What made you become an Appalachian State Mountaineer fan?

Brannon: "Once I got accepted, I immediately became a fan.  However, years earlier, one of my most fond memories was watching Bjorn Nittmo keep Wake Forest out of a Bowl game.  ASU, down by 3 in the final seconds, chose to kick a field goal and tie the game, versus going for it from the 2 yard line.  I thought, who makes that call?  But, I loved the call and started following the Mountaineers."

Jennifer:  "I love the small town campus and Boone atmosphere!  Boone is ASU and ASU is Boone!    I like the small class sizes and I wanted to be a member of the Marching Mountaineers – North Carolina’s Band of Distinction!!"

3) What is your favorite memory of Appalachian State Athletics?

Brannon: "Getting engaged in Chattanooga that weekend, following the 2nd national championship in 2006. A 2nd championship on Friday night, followed by a “yes” made for an eventful weekend!"

Jennifer: "I have to admit there are many great memories over the past 27 years!  The first national championship win in 2005, is still pretty special!!!! We had waited for SO long for a trip to Chattanooga and to win the first time, was unreal!!!  Beating Michigan in Ann Arbor was also an unforgettable moment, pure excitement!!!  I’m still thrilled to have experienced all 3 National Championship wins and the win over Michigan, along with a lot of great games in Boone and on the road.  There’s no place like The Rock on a Saturday in the fall, we make a memory at every game! There’s also one more moment worth sharing with you……we got engaged, in Chattanooga over the weekend, after the 2nd National Championship win.  I had no idea of the plan and Brannon completely surprised me, our engagement ranks up there as a TOP Mountaineer moment!"

4) In your opinion, what is the best part of a home football game at Appalachian State on a fall Saturday?

Brannon: "I truly enjoy the overall experience, so I cannot say there is a “best part”.  You begin the day with the beautiful scenery driving to game.  Then, tailgating enhances the experience.  Once you go into the game, you catch-up with your neighbors sitting to your right, left, above and below you.  All of us look forward to fireworks, then cheering the Mountaineers to another victory."

Jennifer: "Aside from a win, I enjoy tailgating and the Mountaineer Walk!  Reece loves giving the players high 5 before the game!"

5) What makes you most proud of Appalachian State?

Brannon: "The loyalty of the core fan base makes me proud.  Many of folks that attended school with us in the early 90’s are the same folks that we see on football Saturdays.  20+ years later, we’re all still supporting the student-athletes financially and cheering them on in the stands."

Jennifer: "I’m proud of the quality education I received from Appalachian.  I’m blessed to be able to give back based on the job I have, due to the education I received from ASU.  Additionally, I’ve never met an ASU Alumni who doesn’t love the University and wants to share our excitement for game day!!"

6) What made you decide to start supporting the education of current Appalachian State student-athletes through the Yosef Club? 

Brannon: "I honestly don’t remember why I started other than I wanted to support the school that I love!  But, I think the better question is, why do we continue to support our student-athletes.  Jennifer and I make it a point to try and get to know some of the athletes, whether it’s at Fan Fest or getting to know those who serve fans in the Yosef Club on game days.  So many have told us that if it wasn’t for their scholarship, they would not be able to attend college.  So, if giving a little helps someone so much, it just makes sense to us.  Our son is only 5, and we are trying to press upon him the importance of helping those who, for now, may be a little less fortunate. You never know how much someone’s life may change, just from having the opportunity to attend college."

Jennifer: "I love Appalachian and I really enjoyed my 4 years on campus, especially the sports events!  I want to help make ASU home for a student athlete who otherwise may not have the opportunity to attend college.  Our coaches, staff and faculty can really make an impact in a young athletes life!"

7) What advice would you give to other members of the App State family who are wondering what they can do to help the Yosef Club and Appalachian State athletics as a whole? 

Brannon: "Since we’re a Nike school, I’ll quote an old Nike ad, “Just Do It”. As I stated earlier, we’ve seen and heard the impacts the scholarships have on some of the student-athletes. So, if you are in a position to help these young folks, please find it in your heart to do so."

Jennifer: "We want our teams to compete at a high level and be competitive, while preforming well in the classroom.  In order to make that happen, we MUST support the Yosef Club.  These student athletes need our support so that they can focus on their education and particular sport without having to worry about having the money to pay tuition and bills.  I enjoy meeting the athletes and hearing them say “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come to ASU”. They truly are grateful for the support we give to them, via the Yosef Club. DONATE!!! It makes a difference in so many young lives!"

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