Appalachian State

Coach Jerry Moore

Opening Statement

"What a celebration on that field at the end of the game. We tried to give it away at the end of the first half throwing fourteen points on the board for them. The poor coverage on the kick-off return and then turn around and fumble it in the end zone but it was a great night. I'm proud of our team and the way they played."

On preparation during the week:

"I have had a rough week apprehension wise. We've tried not to let the players get too focused on the "ring-game". The players get too focused on winning a ring instead of the game at hand. I was a little concerned about that."

On the impact of the fans:

"It was like jet-engines roaring, we could not hear a thing on the sidelines and that's a tribute to the fans. I know it got to Furman a few times when they couldn't hear the signals and there were false-start penalties against them. All those little things make a difference."

Demetrius McCray - Corner Back

On defensive play and preparation:

"This week we came in focused on playing fast and playing physical and that's what we were able to do tonight and we finished this game off."

Jamal Jackson - Quarterback

On play of receivers Peacock and Price:

"We had two one-hundred yard receivers, that makes my job easy. Just to be able to put the ball in their hands and it makes my job easier when they can make people miss in the open field."

Troy Sanders - Safety

 On effect of crowd on defensive performance:

"There were some false start penalties on Furman and that was all because of the 12th man. Hats off to our Black Saturday fans for turning it up another level because that allowed us to turn up our game to another level."


Coach Bruce Fowler

Opening Statement

"I believe we played well today.  We did miss a lot of tackles on the defensive end and it showed. They rushed the ball on us pretty well, accumulating more than 170-yards.  This is a tough place and App is a good team playing for the conference championship."

On mistakes

"We made some small mistakes today, twitched on the offensive line a couple times, missed a field goal that could have gave us momentum into the second half and we could never get a good rhythm on offense. We just got to do better with these mistakes and when the game is as close as it was, we will have a chance to win."

On quarterback Reese Hannon

He's played a lot now and has made some mistakes but he does everything he can to fix them. He's only nine games into his career and he leads our team down the field and has done some good things for our team. He just needs to be consistent, just as the whole team needs to be consistent.

Reese Hannon - Quarterback

On execution of the game

"They are a good team, and they have such a great atmosphere here with their fans that it makes it even tougher to play. We weren't able to execute as well as we wanted and they were able to at the times it mattered."

Jerodis Williams - Running Back

On the loss

"It was definitely a tough loss, and what makes it even tougher was because it was winnable. I felt like the offense made the plays that we needed too and the defense did a good job of getting us the ball and giving us chances to win the game."

On how the special teams contributed to 100-yard kickoff return

"The blocking. If you could see it from my eyes it was wide open. I had to dodge maybe one guy but one out of eleven are some pretty good odds."