Appalachian State

Head coach Jerry Moore

Opening statement-

"I'd say we played well. We have huge respect for Coastal. I can't tell you how hard we practiced and prepared for these guys. We had a hot hand today. I would like to say we were prepared. We had a great week."

On Steven Miller-

"He's learned to be a slasher. He slashes through the line to what I call the second level and then he starts chopping his feet and making guys miss at the linebacker level. He's also a year older and a year more mature, which is the reason he is having the year he is."

On kicker Sam Martin's tackle-

"For me that was one of the biggest plays of the game because it would have been real easy to pull up. One would have ever questioned him pulling up, not even his mother. It just shows you what maybe this football team can be. Anytime you see someone do all that they can do and put their very best forth, how can you be critical?"

Running back Steven Miller

On Appalachian State's rushing attack-

"We had to come out and run the ball. Our offensive line has been so successful the past (few) weeks. The holes were just wide open. We practiced hard and I made the right reads."

Quarterback Jamal Jackson

On Appalachian State's offensive performance compared to last home game (55-28 loss to The Citadel on Sept. 15)-

"We didn't execute (against The Citadel) and the difference between when you don't execute and when you do execute is wins."

On Appalachian State's balanced offense-

"When you have a balanced attack, it's hard to put the focus on one aspect of our gameplan. When we're balanced like this we are going to be hard to beat."

Linebacker Jeremy Kimbrough

On Coastal Carolina QB Aramis Hillary-

"We knew if he had some time in the pocket, he would have some success. So we tried to put a little pressure on him, make him move his feet, throw some different reads at him and make him uncomfortable."

On Appalachian State's defensive performance-

"I think we really did well today. We just had two bad drives that we can look at on video and get corrected. Other than that we held them in check. I am very proud of our guys."


Coastal Carolina

Head Coach Joe Moglia


Opening Statement

"We've shown a lot of improvement from week to week and since the beginning of the season.  We showed improvement week to week and then we came out here and be ineffective on both side of the ball is a disappointment."

On Rushing Attack of Appalachian

"We're going to have to take a look at the film to see what is going on.  It looked like we missed a lot of tackles.  It seems like we didn't have a lot of run support on the outside."

On Jamal Jackson and Steven Miller

"You have to play shifty guys, you have to play good offences, and you have to play guys that are fast.  You are going to need good fundamentals to play them, and I feel that we didn't have that most of the game." 

On missed tackles

"Guys, you can't play anybody and have missed tackles.  The bottom line is when we started the season we had too many at the beginning of the season.  We're going to have to go back to fundamentals. 

On execution of Appalachians offence

"We knew what they were going to do, they did a good job of executing and we needed to do a better job of executing on our end.  There were no surprises on what they did."

Linebacker #10 Mike McClure

On Appalachian's game plan

"We pretty much knew what they were going to do.  They like zone play, they like quick passes.  I feel like we came out a little slow at first and they took advantage of that."

On quickness of Appalachian

"Our defense is on guy's responsibilities and when you're playing against guys that are quick like that, they can hit that gap and make a big play." 

Quarterback #3 Aramis Hillary

On the outcome of the game

"We're highly disappointed, we have to get better.  Maybe we can get better, we just have to watch the film and try to improve."

On offensive struggles and Appalachian Defense

"We finally got settled in, they were doing some stuff that we hadn't seen on film and it took us a while to get settled in and when we did we were down by a three or four scores touchdowns.  It's on us, not the coaches; we just have to make plays out there."