App State

Head Coach Jeremy Moore

Opening statement

"First thing I'd say, is it's a long afternoon, didn't seem like it was ever going to be over.  I told everyone we needed to get back in the game clockwise.  They are a good football team, and they played really, really hard."

On the difference from past games vs. The Citadel

"There is a reality of where they were two years ago and some of it is in the offense or in the defense, it is just trial and error."

On what made the difference in the end

"One of the things that hurt early in the games wasn't long passes, they were key passes. Today we didn't measure up at the right times. They executed really well, particularly the first half. Forget the score; I think we are a good football team." 

Quarterback Jamal Jackson


On the team's readiness

"I mean we were ready, but offensively we couldn't get in the rhythm. We got in the hole early and it's hard to climb out of holes like that."

On how the team must deal with the loss

"You have to treat it just like a win. You have to forget about it, Sunday get your body right, Monday watch film. Back on Monday we have to get ready to go and get our minds right and ready to go."

Running Back Steven Miller

On what went wrong

"I can't blame it on anybody, we just weren't prepared. They just came in ahead of the game plan."

Linebacker Jeremy Kimbrough

On what he felt the difference was

"We need to make sure we make plays and get them off the field. They just made plays at the right time...we are just going to have to swallow the pill and get back to work. They gave it to us early, and we weren't quite ready to recover from it."


The Citadel

Head Coach Kevin Higgins

On the performance of his offense

"Well first of all our offensive coaches did a great job from the game plan standpoint and our offense guys just did a great job executing on third down conversions and they didn't have any turnovers."

On the Bulldogs' defensive performance

"That long run by them was critical and one of the things that we worked on was being fundamentally sound and being focused the entire time, regardless of the score to not let down. Defense played beautifully through the first three quarters and had an incredible first half. The blocked punt was a momentum changer."

On his team's next step

"Our job now is to just keep staying focused on the task at hand and to stay at it one game at a time with force to keep working on getting better on both offense and defense and special teams. We need to keep believing in ourselves."

Quarterback Ben Dupree

On his first touchdown run

"I just made the play that's all I can say. I needed my blocks and I used my speed to my advantage."

On dominance of the offensive line

"Our coach got on them at halftime because he said they weren't dominating the line of scrimmage, but they put up thirty one points so they are doing something right."

On what is next for this team

"The sky is the limit for this team. Our first goal is to win the SoCon and we haven't done that, so we have to keep working for that one game at a time."

Wide Receiver Matt Thompson

On the team's play in the first half

"It didn't seem surreal to us because all we did is come out and executed the plays like we needed to."