Playoff Ticket Procedure Frequently Asked Questions

1- When will the FCS playoff schedule be announced?

A: The official announcement will be made Sunday, November 21st.  At that point we will have a clearer picture of the playoffs and potential for home playoff games.

2- I had a half season package.  Can I get my seats for the playoff games?

A: Possibly.  Half season ticket packages are more than likely shared seats with folks who had the opposite package.  Since that is the case, we don't guarantee the same seats for the playoffs for half season ticket holders.  If you would like to purchase those seats or something in close proximity, you can purchase those tickets online once they become available the week of the game or call the athletic ticket office at 828-262-2079 the week of the game to reserve seats for the next home playoff game. 

3-  I wasn't a season ticket holder.  When can I buy home playoff tickets?

A:  Tickets will not be put online for purchase until we receive confirmation that we are hosting a home playoff game. 

4- Where do I sign in to my account?

A: is your portal for all things Appalachian athletics including tickets.  After the page loads on your computer, place your cursor over "Tickets" and a drop down menu will appear.  On the right side of the drop down menu, select "My JumpTV Account."  On your Playoff Order form, you were provided your JumpTV Username.  If you do not remember your password or have never signed into your account before, type your Username and then select, "Do I have an Account?"  Your password will be sent to your email address.  If you do not have an email address on the account or your email has changed and you no longer have access to that email address, you have two options.  You can call the athletic ticket office, answer a few questions about you and we'll provide you with your password while also updating your account.  Or you may mail the form back to the Athletic Ticket Office ASU Box 32023 Boone, NC  28608. 

5-  Do you sell or give my address, telephone number or email to anybody else?

A: No.  We are very sensitive to our fans and do not sell or give access to your information to outside organizations.  We use the information to provide us with as many avenues to reach you if there is a problem.  We also use the information to keep you up-to-date on events that may be of interest to you. 

6- Why am I able to only reserve one or two games at a time online?

A:  We are trying to simplify the process as much as possible.  Plus having only a few options available helps us figure out what online issues we may be having so we can correct those for potential home playoff games. 

7- I ordered my tickets online, put my credit card number in and printed my tickets but it says the card has not been processed.   Did I do something wrong?

A: No.  Your credit card is NOT being charged until after we advance to the next round AND we know we are hosting that playoff game.  We have set up a payment plan that only charges your credit card shortly after those two factors are met. 

8- Do I need to trade the tickets that I print out for other ones to enter the game? 

A: No.  The tickets that you print out are legitimate tickets.  Each ticket has a barcode and allows one entry for that barcode number.  Printing your tickets is the most convenient way to take care of your seats and keeps you out of waiting in a will call line.  If you have problems printing your tickets, call the Athletic Ticket Office at 828-262-2079.

9- What if I have 4 seats but only need 2 of those for a particular playoff game?

A: Call the Athletic Ticket Office at 828-262-2079.  We can remove extra tickets that you don't need  for a particular playoff game.  This will allow you to go back in to your online account, pre-pay for your tickets and print them out.  There is not a way for you to remove tickets from your account online.

10- What if I need extra tickets for a particular playoff game?

A: The Playoff renewal period is strictly for Full Season ticket holders and their seats.  Any additional seats that you need for a playoff game would need to be taken care of online at once we make them available or through the athletic ticket office (828) 262-2079 the week of the game. 

11- Why can't I go ahead and pre-order my National Championship tickets?

A: The FCS National Championship game will be played in Frisco, Texas this year, just outside of Dallas.  It's a new venue, new sports committee running the show and different ways of running things as opposed to previous years.   There are different prices for different seating areas of the stadium.  At this time, it is unknown how many tickets we would be allotted for the different priced areas.   Pizza Hut Park is home to the FC Dallas Major League Soccer team.  FC Dallas advanced to the Western Conference Finals of the MLS.  In talking with team representatives, they are excited about the FCS National Championship and will begin to focus on that event once their MLS season ends.  One good thing about this year's championship game, if Appalachian advances that far, there is a three-week period between the Semifinal game and the Championship game.